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El Momento Católico

A series of bilingual handouts for adult faith formation

Our 49 titles include a series on the sacraments and sacramental preparation, the El Momento CatólicoBible, the parish community and stewardship, family life, and liturgical seasons.

The format is simple and user-friendly. The text is divided into short sections of content and accompanied by questions for reflection and discussion. Some of the topics can be used in study and discussion sessions; others can be used in the home for personal study and reflection.

4-page handouts, in 4 colors.
Download LIST OF ALL TITLES, descritpions and ORDER FORM.

Sample: Sacraments: life-giving signs (bilingual)

Sample: Stewardship: more than an obligation (bilingual)

Some of the available titles:

Why are we Catholic?
From ashes to life
Why baptize our baby?
Why do we go to Mass?
Why go to Confession?
Confirmation: the seal of the Spirit
Guadalupe walks with the people
What are godparents for?
The parish needs you!
Let's talk about marriage
Prepare your children for First Communion
Let's accompany Jesus on his way to the cross
Overcome seven obstacles this Lent
The Eucharist: we are one body
Prepare with your children for First Confession
Stewardship: More than an obligation
Advent: an active waiting
Give the seeds of faith to your children
We believe
Triduum: God walks in our lives
Now that you are 15
What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders
Anointing: Sacrament for the journey

For more information about this and other bilingual resources, call 1-800-328-6515 or e-mail us at

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