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Amigos de Jesús                                                        Sample: Bilingual

A bilingual catechetical program based on the Lectionary.

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Amigos de Jesús is a bilingual catechetical program created by the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center of Claretian Publications. Published in a new handy book format featuring easy-to-pull-out, perforated pages, the 2012 edition is based on the lectionary readings for the liturgical year, Cycle B, Advent 2011 - November 2012.

Designed for children ages 7 to 12, it consists of reproducible pages using the same quality “see-judge-act” method proven to help form all participants—the catechists, children, and family—in discipleship and personal commitment to Jesus.

The weekly format includes two pages for children with reflections and activities based on the Gospel readings for the day; two pages to guide the catechists on the use of the materials; and two pages for family reflection, prayer and commitment.

Amigos de Jesús can also be used in the celebration of the Liturgy of the Word with children, as well as in catechumenate programs. Catechists and children are encouraged to start from real life experiences and situations, which are further enlightened by the readings of the day. The children’s pages include activities reinforcing what they have learned, encourage them to use both English and Spanish, and help create greater awareness among them of the growing bicultural and bilingual reality of Hispanics living in the U.S. The catechist page presents a step-by-step method for each lesson.

Amigos de Jesús was written by Carmen F. Aguinaco, the award-winning Director of the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center, and illustrated by William Petersen and John Rodriguez, a hispanic Chicago artist. The forewords were written by Archbishop José Gómez and Bishop Plácido Rodríguez, C.M.F.

For more information about this and other bilingual resources, call 1-800-328-6515 or e-mail us at .

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