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In Good Faith and De Buena Fe

In Good Faith - De Buena FeThe In Good Faith and De Buena Fe series
Sample: (IGF) English and (DBF) Bilingual

The In Good Faith and De Buena Fe series is designed in response to the growing need for adult education and faith formation involving the basic knowledge, understanding, and practice of the Catholic faith. In Good Faith - De Buena Fe is a full-parish resource series offering single-page, two-sided, four-color handouts, each on a topic central to the Catholic faith. Its purpose is to inform, inspire, and invite Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults participants, adults in religious education classes, Bible study, Vision, young adult, and men’s and women’s groups, and other seekers of a deeper understanding and practice of the Catholic faith—in short, the entire range of adult faith-formation and education groups. The handouts explain basic elements of the faith, put them in context, point to additional resources, and provide questions for further discussion within faith-sharing groups.

Titles included in each In Good Faith package:
(also available for De Buena Fe)

What does it mean to say Jesus saves? (IGF-900)
Take a tour of the church (IGF-901)
What are we waiting for during Advent? (IGF-902)
Five questions about being Catholic (IGF-903)
Lent: A time to turn in the right direction (IGF-904)
We believe in one God (IGF-906)
What is being Catholic? (IGF-907)
Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel (IGF-908)
Who is Jesus Christ and how do we learn about him? (IGF-909)
What do Catholics believe? (IGF-910)
Why care about the RCIA? (IGF-911)
Receive the Holy Spirit (IGF-912)
Am I in touch with God? (IGF-913)
Experience God in the sacraments (IGF-914)
Who wants to be a saint? (IGF-915)
Authority: Who's to say in church? (IGF-916)
What is a Catholic marriage? (IGF-917)
Heaven, hell, and purgatory (IGF-918)
What's in the Bible, and how should we read it? (IGF-919)
Seeing God's fingerprints (IGF-920)
Does God answer our prayers? (IGF-921)
Why is there evil and suffering? (IGF-922)
Praying the Mass (IGF-923)
Naming and keeping our days (IGF-924)
The RCIA has a role for you (IGF-926)
Listen to Catholicism's little stories (IGF-927)
Why baptize babies? (IGF-928)
Forgiveness: We're covered (IGF-929)
Stations of the Cross: Not a stationary prayer (IGF-930)
Advent: A time to wait in joyful hope (IGF-931)
How to protect our children from sexual abuse (IGF-932)
The Papacy: Rock of the church (IGF-933)

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