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Liturgical aids for parish ministers

  • Reflections on the Sunday readings to be used as the basis for longer homilies or as bulletin reprints or inserts
  • Suggestions for Prayers of the Faithful
  • Special reflections on particular dates or on liturgical seasons

Education for the whole parish

  • Bible studies - Themes of the Bible and the characters who personify the values and virtues presented, useful for Bible study groups
  • Continuing education - For catechists on the documents of the church
  • Issues of the day - What worries, gives joy, or presents challenges to people?
  • Role models - People whose faith spurs them into action for justice
  • Parishes alive - Models of parishes with both simple practices and complex programs that can serve as inspiration to parish councils and leadership groups
  • Lists of resources - New materials available for Hispanic ministry

Devotions and popular religiosity

  • How the lives of saints can speak to people today
  • Teach us to Pray - A series on Christian prayer, different prayer forms and practices. Prayer groups can use this as a way to dig deeper into the traditions of the church.

For more information about these and other bilingual resources, call 1-800-328-6515 or e-mail us at

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