Claretian Vocations
Claretian Vocations

Choosing religious life or diocesan priesthood

  • Basic Facts
    • Religious Life
      • What sizeorder are you looking for?
      • Where do you wish this order to be located? Is geography important?
      • What is the median age of the members of the order?
      • What is the financial status of the order?
      • How large are the local communities of the order?
      • Where are most of the members of the order working?
      • Is everyone expected to be involved in church ministry?
    • Diocesan Priesthood
      • How would you contrast your diocese with other dioceses?
      • Can you imagine feeling at home in this diocese for the rest of your life?
      • What are the attributes and deficits of this diocese?
      • What living arrangements are possible for priests in this diocese?
      • What is the sense of fraternity, support among the priests?
      • What kinds of ministry are open to you?

  • Charisma
    • What is the spirituality of the group?
    • What is the focus of ministry for this group?
    • What is the formation process for this group?
    • Who do you know that lives out the spirit of this group?
    • What is the group’s reputation for service?
    • What vows does this group make? How are they interpreted and lived out?
    • What is the leadership style or structure of authority of this group?

  • General
    • What is the education requirement of this group?
    • What educational opportunities does this group offer?
    • Would you have peers if you joined this group?
    • How is placement for ministry and community worked out?
    • What is the experience of present candidates?
    • What is the screening process like (Expect it to be tough!)
    • What are the financial expectations of the candidate?
    • What financial benefits are offered (salary, stipends, continuing education funds, pension, retirement, health insurance?)
    • What kind of play, recreation, vacation and leisure can you expect?

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