Claretian Vocations
Claretian Vocations

Elements of discernment

  • Know yourself: personality, preferences, talents
    • Journaling: write thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, note patterns…
    • Spiritual direction: listen and help clarify your life and relationship with God

  • Know God
    • Prayer: regular/different forms of prayer
    • Time: listening, reflecting, noticing

  • Decision making process (with faith dimension)
    • Gather facts: investigation: information, visit: Vocation directors, criteria, education, affiliation
    • Consider alternative: openness/honesty
    • Write pros and cons for each alternative
    • Project yourself into alternative (effects in 5-10 years)
    • Attention to feelings
    • Make decision
    • Confirmation: affirmation, validation, peace, fit, rightness

  • Your Plan: Where am I in each area:
    • Do I take time to pray and reflect on this choice?
    • Do I journal questions, concerns, experiences?
    • Do I have a spiritual director?
    • Am I talking to a vocation director/s?
    • Do I still need to gather more facts? Visit more groups? Consider more options? In relation to the Claretians, what fits and what does not fit, might fit, will never fit?
    • Do I still need to fulfill some requirements educationally?
    • What goals will I set for myself? What are my next steps?
    • Am I ready to make a decision? If not, what do I still need to do?
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