Claretian Vocations
Claretian Vocations

How do I begin discernment?

The best way to prepare for discernment is to make a time line of your life story from birth to present:

  • Significant Relationships
    • Who have been the people in my life?
    • What has my relationship been to them?
    • How have they influenced me positively and negatively?
    • Who has had the most impact on me?
    • Reflect on your experience of family
      • What have I learned?
      • What do I value?
      • What do I want to let go of?

  • Educational Experience
    • What is your educational background?
    • What did I like, dislike, favorite memories, activities, friends, significant events, people?
    • What did I learn of life that I want to keep?
    • What gets in the way?

  • Social/Sexual Development
    • What do I enjoy doing with others?
    • What do I do just because it’s in?
    • What do I find relaxing and renewing?
    • Who have I dated, what circumstances?
    • What has been my relationship to men?
    • What has been my relationship to women?

  • Review your sexual history
    • From whom did you first learn about sex? What have been your experiences as a child, teen, young adult, now…
    • What impact have various relationships had on you?

  • Work History
    • Jobs held, how long, where, colleges, preparation for positions, responsibility, initiative
    • What did you learn and what skills did you acquire in each job or preparation process?

  • Faith Experience
    • What’s your earliest recollection of God?
    • Who taught you about God?
    • Who has had the greatest influence in faith development?
    • How was church, faith, God in your family?
    • What practices do you do to care for your faith life?
    • Where did you learn about these practices?
    • Who is God in your life?
    • Name your experiences of the Divine in your life.
    • How did that feel, what impact did these have?
    • How do you see God in the everyday circumstances of your life?
    • How do you nurture this relationship?

  • Life Choice
    • When did you first think of religious life?
    • What has been the pattern in this?
    • Why religious life?
    • What about marriage? Or single life?
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