Claretian Vocations
Claretian Vocations

How to choose an order or a ministry

  • Personality
    • Are you an extrovert or introvert, thinker or feeler?
    • Are you a morning person or an evening person?
    • How do you make decisions? Alone or with others?
    • What kind of leisure activity do you prefer?
    • How do you prioritize your interests?
    • How do you deal with conflict, both internal and external?
    • How creative are you? What do you enjoy doing? How flexible are you?

  • Gifts and Talents
    • What are your gifts and talents?
    • What is your academic training?
    • What has been your work experience?
    • What feedback have you gotten from your supervisors?
    • Can your training and talent be turned into a ministry?

  • Relationships
    • What kind of relationships are growthful for you?
    • Do you see yourself as a community-oriented person?
    • What are your family needs?
    • Geographically, do you need to be close to family?
    • How reliant are you on family support?
    • When do you act independently of your family?
    • How do you live out your sexuality now?
    • What is your need for intimacy?
    • How do you deal with heterosexual or homosexual issues?

  • Spirituality
    • What is your image of God? How do you pray?
    • How willing are you to share your prayer life with others?
    • How much is your relationship with God a part of your everyday life?
    • Is praying with others important to you?

  • General
    • What is your financial status (debts, responsibilities, etc.)
    • What is your financial need (security, car, special vacations)
    • What is your pace of being incorporated into a group?
    • How do you deal with authority? (Are you submissive or dialogic?)
    • What about you might be troublesome for the order?
    • How dependent are you on others to make decisions for you?
    • How do you expect your life to be different as you move into community?
    • How are you living the values of the vows now?
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