Claretian Vocations
Claretian Vocations

Tom McGann

Stages of the journey

There are several stages of involvement for those starting down the path to becoming a Claretian priest or brother. Each step, as an affiliate,candidate and novice, allow you to further explore Claretian community life and ministry and to discern whether this is truly your life’s call. The Claretians also use this time to get to know you and get a sense of how well you could integrate into the community. They recognize that every person in discernment has a unique experience and maintain flexibility at each stage. However, it must be a good fit on both sides for a person to find happiness in being a follower of St. Anthony Claret.


With the help of the vocation director, affiliates are placed in a Claretian community and share in their ministry and prayer life for several days, weeks or months. Each affiliate is provided room and board with some spending allowance as he shares in the ministry of the Claretians. The affiliate meets with a spiritual director and with the vocation director as he considers becoming a candidate.

Affiliates serious about exploring life as a religious priest or brother go through an extensive application process to become a candidate. The application for candidacy includes: letters of recommendation, transcripts, a behavioral assessment, psychological testing, and a brief history of the affiliate’s vocation journey. The Claretian Board of Admissions reviews these materials and makes the decision.


A candidate has made an initial commitment to becoming a priest or brother. He meets regularly with the formation director while studying theology or finishing his undergraduate studies. Candidacy usually lasts six months to a year.

Novice (Profile of Alex Gaitan)

A novice spends a year preparing to take vows in the Claretian community. They study religious life, vows, prayer, and Claretian history, as well as focusing on community life.

To apply for novitiate, a candidate writes a formal letter of request to the Claretian Provincial Council. After a year, a novice requests temporary vows and continues his studies to become a priest or brother.

Vows (Profile of Fred Sahuc)

After a full year of novitiate one can request temporary vows and continue studies deepening all aspects of Claretian Missionary life. This leads to perpetual profession for brothers and ordination for students.

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